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Gaudi´s Barcelona

Gaudi´s Barcelona

Gaudí, a Spanish genius with his own name, deserves to be considered a wonder for himself. Works in Barcelona such as Park Güell or the always unfinished Sagrada Familia demonstrate the artistic level of this list.
A trip to Barcelona should start with a good panoramic view of the city. One of the best, located in the «modern» center, in the Eixample district of Barcelona, ​​is the one obtained from Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera.
This is the best example to know what a modernist style apartment building is. This architectural jewel was designed by Gaudí during the first half of the 20th century, but today it still leaves us with an open mouth for its originality.
After La Pedrera, we can immerse ourselves in the traditional Barcelona passion for design, which already comes from far away. In many places of the city, we find buildings of modernist style.
This was the preferred style of the bourgeoisie of the early twentieth century. Leaving aside the jewel in the crown, which is the temple of the Sagrada Familia – a must-see in the Eixample district of Barcelona -, we can not miss the popularly known as the Apple of Discord with Casa Amatller, Casa Batlló, and so on.
The other great modernist work of the city, also created by Gaudí, is the Güell Park. It is far from the center, but it is a unique place in the world and deserves to take a walk there.

Modernity and classicism in Valencia

Valencia is today a symbol of change. Its leap to modernity has been achieved without betraying its roots and has managed to become one of the most desirable tourist destinations. The design and the first-class cultural facilities go hand in hand with the sun, the sea and the good food of always.
The Oceanogràfic deserves a complete visit. Its 110,000 m2 make it the largest in Europe. In it we can enjoy the main marine ecosystems of the planet and 45,000 copies of 500 different species. Here we can see dolphins, walruses, sea lions, seals, penguins, sharks, rays, sawfish or jellyfish. Its design – large and without visual barriers – is truly spectacular.
From the most modern to the classic
The cathedral, popularly known as La Seu. The temple is dedicated to Santa Maria by desire of King Jaime I and stands on the remains of the old mosque. Its three main doors are of different styles (Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque) and its octagonal bell tower. The Miguelete is the emblem of the city. It rises to a height of 50.85 meters, as measured by its perimeter. From his interior we can not miss the Quattrocento paintings, which arrived from Rome thanks to the Valencian Pope Alejandro VI.
In the Plaza de la Virgen, the Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados stand out, and very close by, the Royal Convent of Santo Domingo. This convent was built by the order of the Dominicans in the thirteenth century, with the approval of King James I. In the historic center of Valencia, it is possible to find other churches of interest, among which are those of Santa Catalina, San Nicolás and San Martin.

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