Cradle of illustrious geniuses such as Goya and a crossroads of roads and cultures on the banks of the Ebro, Zaragoza is a city with character that has managed to create its own personality.
The Alfajería de Zaragoza was the residence of the Hudi kings and later, it was not only Christianized but inhabited by the Catholic Monarchs. Today it is the seat of the Cortes de Aragón and still reflects the splendor of the Taifa kingdom.
But if there is something that undeniably marks the profile of Zaragoza is its Basilica del Pilar. This baroque temple to which many pilgrims congregate, gathers one of the most remarkable artistic collections in Spain, such as the frescoes by Goya, located in the vault of the Coreto and the dome of Regina Martyrium, the main altarpiece (from the 16th century), the choir mayor, the organ and its museum.